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Neutral is beautiful

Updated: May 18, 2020

I have always loved neutral colors. It never gets old, and makes every space look so clean. Some might think that neutral is boring or ugly, well not in all cases! There is ways to keep that neutral look but make your space look exiting and beautiful. When creating a new space with neutral colors you should always add a variety of textures, this gives the room depth. Another tip is to not try to match your shades, variations of different shades will make your room POP! Today I decided to create a small living room space.

Doing this small space was simple mostly because I was really passionate about this rug, it's gorgeous! Using the two colors in the rug I was able to pull different tones and textures to create this space. Adding different textures makes your space more interesting. Just in this space alone you have wood from the end table and coffee table, acrylic/ glass feel, and different texture fabrics throughout the sectional, and pillows.

See below for the links!

Some of these links could be affiliate links.

1-Sectional is from West Elm Some fabrics that I liked was Twill - Gravel, Performance Basketweave - Natural and Chenille Tweed - Feather Gray

All the pillows are from Wayfair

2- The three toned pillow click here

3- lighter beige pillow click here

4- The pillow with the fringe in the center click here

The coffee table and end table are from Scout & Nimble

That beautiful carpet is from Amazon color Ivory/grey

The acrylic table lamp is from Wayfair

Always do you research before buying any products and measure your existing space to be sure that everything could in fact fit before purchasing.

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