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First Apartment Essentials - Bathroom

Another important room that needs to be considered when getting a new apartment is the bathroom. Bathrooms, I believe will be the cheapest room for essential purchases. Bathrooms could be fun decorating, you can either purchase a matching set or use the same color scheme to make your own design! I really loved the UGG Collection from Bed, Bath & Beyond, so I did choose one of their collections for the inspiration board below.

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Simply double-click on any item you’re interested in and you’ll be redirected to its page.

If you have a tub, a shower curtain is a must.  A shower curtain could also be another way to decorate your bathroom. 

This is another way to decorate your bathroom, these Bath Accessories also keep some of your necessities organized. Such as a Storage Bin, Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder, Soap Dish, and Wastebasket.

After coming out of the shower you'll need a bath rug to avoid slipping on the wet cold floor. They have superior absorbency rugs that you could consider for fast drying.

Having a bath, hand, and wash towels are a must! Regardless, if it's a full or half-bath you'll need some type of towel.

If your shower does not have build-in shelves you may want a Shower Caddy to place your hair and body soaps.

When taking baths, a Bathtub Caddy can be useful to place your electronics, books, candles or beverages while you are relaxing.

If you'll need extra space for your bathroom necessities this Bathroom Shelf could be very useful

In order to keep your bathroom and toilet clean, you will need a Toilet Scrubber , I love how this comes with a holder to hide what it is.

I'm not going to state the obvious on why you'll need a Toilet Plunger, but this is definitely a necessity. Again, I love hove how the holder hides it.

Hope this list was helpful, have a great day

*** Remember before buying do your research on current updates of the product and measure! It's so important! Another tip, upon delivery please inspect your pieces, and if you discover any issues, defects, etc note anything on the delivery slip. ***

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