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First Apartment Essentials - Living Room

Okay - We knocked out two rooms now onto the next. The next room we will discuss is the living room. Everyone is going to want different types of items in order to call their home theirs. So, some items such as table decorations, wall art, or mirrors can be chosen by your preferences. There are some essentials that should be included in any living room space, the first being furniture. Furniture is the largest piece in your space and in order for that room to be functional you'll need certain pieces. Below, I will discuss those pieces that I believe are important with the example pieces.

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Ashley Furniture's designer recommended that the below sofa, lamps, rug, end tables, and the coffee table could go together.

The sofa to the left is called Calion Sofa , this also comes with throw pillows!

This was probably the most obvious piece. A sofa is probably the most important piece that makes up a living room. This will most likely be the most expensive piece of this room. It's important to have a place to be comfortable when you're relaxing after a long day. Another consideration you should have is to think about how many people you plan on having over and would you have enough space for them to sit comfortably. When buying a new sofa you should always research the material and get information on how to clean it if needed.

Check this out!

Accent chairs are always great because they add extra seating. You should always measure and be sure that you have enough space for an extra chair, you don't want your space to look confined. Some sofa sets also offer accent chairs so that makes matching your sofa style so much easier.

The coffee table and end tables that are shown on the right all come together. Check it out. Denja Table (Set of 3)

A coffee table is the center point of the space and can bring a living room together. Coffee tables come in different sizes, and shapes. There are also a variety of different textures you can choose from. When creating your space, you should explore these options to see which best suits your style. End tables can be another essential piece because it's a great surface area to place table lamps and glassware. Same with coffee tables these come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. I would recommend keeping the same style/ color as your coffee table and focus on having a comfortable height with your sofas or chairs.

Check these beauties out!

Table lamps are a great addition to your living room space. Table lamps can add extra light or just give the perfect amount of light and is also a decor accessory. Table lamps come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so you'll have different options in purchasing your perfect lamp. Some lamps come in sets, which is a plus!

This carpet is called the Caci 5' x 7' Rug

If your floors are not carpeted you may want to add an area rug. They're great additions to a living space. Using your color scheme you can choose the perfect rug for your space. I consider rugs an essential because it not only makes your space look good but it also adds a warm and cozy feel.

Accessories can complete your space and make the room feel alive There are many different accessories you should consider putting in your living room space. I added some images of accessories but there are items such as mirrors, wall art, candles, table decor, and curtains to consider also when choosing your decor. Also, if the sofa you choose does not come with throw pillows, those will be a must!

Better Homes & Gardens Oversized Velvet Plush Throw Blanket, Gray Herringbone - Not only can a throw blanket keep you warm and cozy but it's all a great accent piece added to your sofa.

4 Piece 4" Square Coaster Set - After buying brand new furniture the last thing you'll want is cup rings on your new tables.

22" Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Basket - Plants make a room look so alive and refreshing. Plants go well with pretty much any piece of furniture. You can get either get faux plants or get real indoor plants, just be sure to properly take care of them!

Another piece that could be useful is a TV stand. TV stands are great for, of course, holding your TV. Another option is to hang the TV on the wall. You could find a variety of TV stands from many stores! Here are some that I can think of Ashley Furniture, Wayfair, and Houzz

Hope this list was helpful, have a great day

*** Remember before buying do your research on current updates of the product and measure! It's so important! Another tip, upon delivery please inspect your pieces, and if you discover any issues, defects, etc note anything on the delivery slip. ***

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