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First Apartment Essentials - Kitchen

Last week we talked about bedroom essentials for a new apartment, now we're moving onto the kitchen! The kitchen is another room that is extremely important that you have certain necessities. There is so much going on when planning and buying a bunch of items for a new place that sometimes you can forget a thing here or there. So, I'm hoping this list will help remind you of the items you will need. I'm sure once you're all moved in and settled, the last thing you want to do is go back out or order online more items. For me, once I'm moved in, I want to relax! So, let's get started,

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Water Filter Pitcher - Some places might not have filtered water on the refrigerator, so this will be a must if you don’t like tap water and prefer clean and filtered. All you do is fill it with tap water and it filters the good from the bad. Then, ever so often you should change the filter, this water filter pitcher will advise you when you should change the filter.

Ice Tray - Sometimes I really love ice-cold beverages and I know others always love having ice in their drinks. An ice tray can come in handy in those circumstances!

Toaster Oven - This could be very useful when you need to quickly warm something up. Why waste time and energy to heat the oven?

Microwave - In case your new place did not come with a microwave, you may need to eventually need to get one! I use my microwave very often, like the toaster this is a quick and easy way to warm things up.

Cookie sheet - If you plan on baking this cookie sheet can be useful! These trays come in different sizes You don’t only need to use these for baking purposes you could also use it to make other foods as well. This cookie sheet has a collection calledAnolon® Advanced Non-Stick Bakeware, you can check it out here.

Food storage set – These could be useful for either leftovers or if you bring your lunch to work or school, these can be great to-go containers!

Food storage containers - These are great to store items such as pasta, rice, cereal, etc. I have these and I love them! They look so much cleaner and organized than having a bunch of opened boxes or rolled up bags.

Set of three Canisters - These are great to have on your counter for those items you use more often. I use them for flour, sugar, and coffee grounds.

Here is another 3- set Canister set

Kitchen Mat - I’m not sure about you but I have always had a mat by my sink and stove. It gives you a little cushion and foot support while washing dishes and cooking.

Dish Rack - After washing dishes, you may want to air dry your dishes and this could be a useful tool.

Oven Mit - I know I won't have to explain myself here. If you're using your oven you'll need these! These come in different colors.

Trash Bin – To keep your apartment neat and tidy you will need a trash can!

Coffee Maker - I’m not sure about you but I can’t go on with my day without coffee! single serve makers are great because nothing goes to waste. You can either get K-Cups, which there are a variety of brands and different flavors. Also, you can get reusable filter cups, you can buy grounds, and put a scoop or two in the filter and it’ll be just like the disposable cups.

Can Opener with Bottle Opener - Every kitchen needs one of these. This can opener is also a bottle opener. Having a two- in - one not only saves money but it can also save space!

Having a variety of the following items will be great, especially if you plan on having guest over

Flatware - These come as a 4o piece set

Set includes:

  • 8 dinner forks

  • 8 salad forks

  • 8 dinner knives

  • 8 dinner spoons

  • 8 teaspoons

Dinnerware - This set comes in 16 pieces.


  • Four 10.75" square dinner plates

  • Four 8.5" square salad plates

  • Four 8" square bowls

  • Four 12 oz. mugs

Glassware - This set comes in 18 pieces.


  • Six 9.5 oz. rock glasses

  • Six 6-12 oz. beverage glasses

  • Six 6- 16 oz. cooler glasses

Cookware - This comes in an entire collection. You should choose the ones that you think would be most useful to you.

I hope this was helpful to you! Have a great day!

*** Remember before buying do your research on current updates of the product and measure! It's so important! Another tip, upon delivery please inspect your pieces, and if you discover any issues, defects, etc note anything on the delivery slip.

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